Why Women Should Take the Leap into Starting their Own Business. 

January 18 2024

Despite the significant contribution women entrepreneurship makes to economic growth, women led businesses are still largely unrepresented. Despite changes in recent years to gender equality, it is also widely reported that women are less likely than men to start their own business and we at The_Track are keen to support a change in this! 

There are many positives to supporting women in business and we are keen to shout loudly about them.  

Flexibility and lifestyle balance. 

Although there have been recent increases to funded childcare hours, childcare care costs still remain very high and this often prevents many women with young children from returning to work. Even once children reach school age the juggle of working standard working hours can prove tricky. The flexibility of working for yourself allows women to return to the world of work when they are ready and offers the flexibility to tailor working hours  around lifestyle needs. Thus in turn contributes to lessening the gender gap in the workforce. 

Financial benefits 

It has been widely reported that developing and supporting women’s entrepreneurship is very important for both business and economic prosperity. Although reading around statistics of business success rates especially in the first five years can seem daunting. Women may find that they can earn more than they would in a job given the gender pay gap. You also have the added benefit of having the control to set your own prices and grow your own salary with the business. 

Natural Leadership traits

In recent years we have seen female leaders commended for their response to a pandemic. Female activists at the forefront of the climate agenda and female scientists founding pioneering research. So, it’s no surprise that women are overturning the narrative that kindness and compassion equals weakness. Research conducted into what makes a great business leader concluded that you need a balance of both hard and soft skills in order to succeed. Women were found to have a higher level of emotional intelligence enhancing their soft skills such as communication, creativity, empathy and integrity. Allowing women to naturally be positive collaborators with the ability to foster effective relationships in networking and develop rapport with clients and partners. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge? Our Women In Business Startup Club programme is designed to equip you with the skills and information that you need to turn your business idea into reality. To celebrate taking your first steps on your journey each attendee will receive a three month bursary membership for The_Track upon completion. This gives you 9-5 access to the space Monday to Friday, allowing you to develop your idea working alongside our friendly community.

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