May 1, 2024

Net Zero 360: Free sustainability course for businesses in Arun District

Clean Growth UK, a university-led innovation network, has partnered with Arun District Council to deliver their acclaimed workshop, Net Zero 360. Net Zero 360 helps businesses along their net zero journey, covering:

  • What net zero means for business,
  • The most impactful actions you can take
  • How to measure your footprint
  • How to create a carbon reduction plan

Delivered over one day in person, the morning session will cover all the basics and get you up to speed, before you stop for lunch and have time to network with fellow businesses. Then on to the afternoon’s more practical hands-on session, with plenty of time for questions and discussions.

Net Zero 360 highlights the benefits going net zero can bring to a business. From attracting new customers, boosting employee satisfaction, and convincing investors of long-term prospects. By reducing waste and improving energy efficiency, businesses also benefit from lower operational costs. Net Zero 360 invites businesses in Arun District to come along and get started on their net zero journey.

Wednesday 1st May 2024 9am-4pm.

Book your free spot here:


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