Make Sustainable Attainable

November 10 2021

Join us for an inspiring session to nudge behaviour, looking at small steps that lead to a lower impact lifestyle.

Tuesday 23rd November, 2-6pm

A chance to network with other members from your Town Square space and create real steps for change. Take the afternoon off work and join us for an interactive session exploring barriers and possible solutions to sustainability in both our personal and professional life.


We have a number of speakers that will delivering the session:


Mike Corcoran – Host

A communication, engagement, and co-production specialist working with micro-enterprises to governments. Co-author of TownSq’s ‘What If Everyone Could Walk to Work?’ white paper.


Tom Beckett, Better Century

A career focused on tackling climate change and biodiversity loss. Experience in research, policy development, corporate environmental compliance, advocacy and fundraising.


Lewis Knight, Bioregional

Passionate environmental professional educated to masters level in sustainable urban environments with over 12 years experience in the sustainability and climate change sector.


Join us at The_Track for this interactive session and book your place now by following this link –

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