Grow Your Business with Creative Marketing

November 17 2021

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Learn the secrets to effectively utitlising creative marketing strategies to help grow your brand or business!


In today’s overloaded messaging world every sales and marketing communication has to do three things.

1. Stand out and win attention so that it gets noticed.

2. Say the right things in the right way so that people respond.

3. Persuade people to take the desired action.

In this stimulating and very interactive workshop you’ll learn how to:

– Apply the creative thinking strategies and techniques that famous brands use and apply them to your own business

– Write copy like a professional copywriter

– Harness the latest behavioural science insights that influence buying decision making

– Turn your business into a strong brand

Where it works:

Websites, social media campaigns, email marketing, advertising, print and leaflets – the workshop is designed to make all your sales and marketing activity more effective by showing you how to make your marketing communications more creative and persuasive.

Who it’s for:

– Freelancers, startups, SMEs, charities and social enterprises

Workshop leader, Bob Maddams, is a City & Guilds qualified media communications trainer. Previously, he worked advertising agencies in London where he created multi-media brand building campaigns for famous name clients such as British Airways and Barclays bank. Bob is also a guest workshop leader at the University of Sussex Business School.

What people say:

The workshop was delivered at a Brighton Chamber of Comment event and attendee feedback said –

“I got loads of ideas for new marketing ideas and I valued seeing examples of how other brands have used these techniques. I also enjoyed the practical / thinking exercises.”

“The event was a good mix of practical tasks and useful examples. I particularly enjoyed the case studies from other businesses.”

“It has helped me apply communication tactics that embody both honesty and creativity, to articulate the unique strengths of my offerings.”

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