Bid Writing 101 with George Ivy Bid Management

August 18 2022
Graphic of four puzzle pieces, with one piece slotting in to fit the rest. With the words George Ivy below to represent George Ivy Bid Management (who are doing a bid 101 workshop at The_Track in September)
Date: 20/09/22
Time: 10-11:30am
Join the super talented and lovely Karen at The_Track, for a Bid Writing introduction to the world of bids and tenders for business growth.
A picture of bid writer Karen Sherwood of George and Ivy Bid Writing - Karen has bob length brunette hair, is wearing a dalmation spotted dress, and stands in front of a white textured, outdoor wall.
Aimed at business owners, or employees who have been asked to get involved in bid writing, who aren’t sure where to start. Karen – being the Queen of Bid Writing that she is – will cover the foundations for getting started.
Topics covered:
  • What a bid is
  • Why buyers use them
  • Where they can be found
  • What the documents will look like
  • Tips for the successful completion of them

As always, we’ll be on hand to make sure you are sufficiently quenched with teas and coffees (The_Track’s standard!) and whatever the British weather feels like doing, we’ll have air con or heating to make sure we’re not feeling too hot or cool.

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If you have any questions drop Georgia (, Ellie ( or Hope ( an email. Or if you prefer call or Whatsapp Georgia on 07434609308.