Make Creative Impact through Your Business Communications

August 1 2020

How do you make your sales and marketing messages stand out and get noticed when the average person sees over 200 branded messages per day?

Business leaders call this problem the “Attention Economy” and the mobile phone “the weapon of mass distraction”.

The answer is to give your sales and marketing messages creative Impact so that they win your customers’ attention.

In this webinar we reveal the secrets of the creative Impact techniques that big brands use every day to win their customers attention, and show them how you can apply them to your own small business sales and marketing. It includes:

  • Understanding how the human mind operates when it is bombarded with messages, and how to tip the balance in your favour
  • Creative abruption – the key technique that will make your messages stand out
  • Communications strategies that win attention and how to apply them
  • How to make words and pictures work together for greater impact and not simply repeat each other


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Bob Maddams, who together with Georgia Alston is one of the community managers at The_Track. Bob is a City & Guilds qualified business trainer who has taught at Hove College and been a guest workshop leader at the University of Sussex Business School. Prior to this Bob spent 20 years working in advertising, journalism and behaviour change communications, and he is the founder of Eureka, a creative communications and training consultancy.