Snippet About Our Community Manager – Georgia

April 28 2022

Georgia Alston, aka the Queen of The_Track!

Georgia is working hard to make a positive difference in her home town of Bognor Regis. She is passionate about creating equal opportunities for everyone, and is always looking for opportunities to support the underrepresented corners of our communities.


1. Ice Cream – having helped to build her successful family business Pinks Parlour 

2. Cocktails – Mojito being her fave

3. Spending time creating incredible memories – with family, friends or by working to build the community of Bognor Regis 


1. Injustice and inequality – I all humans were created equally. We all have good in us 

2. Lychees – They are like little tasteless eyeballs 

3. Humid weather – it just doesn’t work with my frizzy pink hair! 

Favourite Quote:

No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us – Marsha.P.Johnson