Snippet About our Community Assistant – Hope

May 3 2022

Hope wants to spread kindness, laughter and good vibes. She believes life is too short to be anything but kind, and aims to spread joy through her digital illustrations. She sells her art online, and dreams of being an author and illustrator of her own children’s books!


  1. Walking – by the sea, through the South Downs, somewhere new, I love pulling my walking boots on for an adventure
  2. Fluffy animals – I have a whippet called Rox, so I have a special place in my heart for sighthounds (but if it’s cute and likes to be booped, I’m there)
  3. Chocolate – bars, cakes, biscuits, you name it, I want it


  1. Bad manners – manners (and kindness) cost nothing!!!
  2. The snotty bit of an egg – I don’t need to explain, if you know you know
  3. Slugs – I can tolerate snails because they’re cute, but slugs, nope (although I do feel kinda bad for them because they didn’t choose to be slugs…)

Favourite quote:

Your hope waters the flowers that have yet to bloom