Snippet About our Community Assistant – Ellie

May 3 2022
Yoga teacher ellie, is in The Yard - The_Track's event space - holding a yoga pose on a purple yoga matt. In the background there is a big orange sign that reads "The Yard". The wall is white painted bricks, and the floor is smooth, and a concrete colour.

Ellie Sullivan – aka all round zen goddess!

Ellie is passionate about well-being. She studied psychology in London, trained to become a yoga teacher in India and now shares what she has learned through various methods such as yoga and meditation classes/retreats, one-to-one mindfulness sessions, well-being talks and events. Ellie has made it her mission to help others feel their best selves through these practices and feels incredibly honoured to be able to do so.


1. Yoga (you guessed it) – Ellie loves the way yoga makes her mind and body feel so good.

2. Music – Ellie spends a lot of time listening and discovering new music, making playlists, watching live music and dancing! She has an eclectic taste from Kate Bush to Joy Division to Kendrick Lamar to Gill Scott Heron.

3. Running in nature – Ellie loves to run as it makes her feel free! She is currently training for a trail ultra marathon.


1. Coriander – Despite a love of Asian food, Ellie does not enjoy the taste of fresh coriander!

2. Parsnips – They do nothing for her!

3. Conflict – Of any kind!

Favourite quote:

“Pure love is matchless in majesty; it has no parallel in power and there is no darkness it cannot dispel…” – Meher Baba.