Master the fundamentals of employment at free HR workshop

May 30 2024

Are you a small business owner, manager or HR professional looking to brush up on your knowledge of all things employment?

We’re hosting a free HR crash course delivered by industry experts to get you up to speed on changes to employment law and how to stay legal and compliant in 2024.

‘Fundamentals of HR’ will be run by The HR House Consultancy, a specialist HR firm and member of The_Track, on Thursday 27th June and the workshop is suitable for any business or individual who could benefit from HR knowledge and advice.

The HR House Consultancy was co-founded by Tanya Smith alongside Gemma Guiney, who is an alumnus of the Startup Club programme at The_Track and now a member of the hub.

Our Community Manager James Tippett-Iles said: “It’s vital to have a solid grasp of HR if you’re looking to take on members of staff, so this workshop is sure to be of value to lots of our members and local businesses. When starting up a new venture or moving from solo entrepreneur to employer, the topic of employment is generally completely new to everyone, so it’s invaluable to be aware of how to properly start growing a team and have an expert on-hand to guide you through it.

“Gemma and Tanya are specialists in this field so the workshop is a fantastic opportunity for people to benefit from expert advice and up-to-date insights spanning all areas of the topic. It’s free to attend so I’d encourage anyone with an interest in brushing up on their HR knowledge to get in touch now to confirm their attendance.”

Fundamentals of HR will be held at The_Track on Thursday 27th June between 10am to 11:30am. You can sign up for free on our website: 

Got a burning HR question? You can send it to the The HR House Consultancy team by the 20th June and it’ll be covered in the session.

We hope to see you there!