How to stay woke at work

August 30 2022

As we crawl into Autumn and find it increasingly difficult to depart from our duvets (is it okay to bring your blanket to work with you? Asking for a friend…) we need to adjust the way we’re working to ensure we’re keeping our brains and bodies happy. Hitting snooze 10 times isn’t always an option, so we’ve collated a list of things that we find helpful here at The_Track when it comes to staying woke!

Stand up – not the comedy kind (unless that’s what really wakes you up in the afternoon, then go ahead)

We love a good standing desk – at about 3/3:30 pm, you’ll find Hope migrating towards our huddle of standing desks with a Bird and Blend Gingerbread Chai tea with oat milk. We’re not sure if it’s the fact that she can’t physically nod off whilst standing up, or the spiciness of the tea, but it certainly helps her tick off those pesky to-do items.

(It’s also proven by a study that 66% of workers felt more productive and 87% felt more energized by spending just an hour of their workday standing – get up on those feet peeps!)

Step out look sharp

Fresh air and nature do wonders for your noggin – don’t let us try and persuade you, that’s been proven too! There have been case studies that show that exposure to nature makes people’s attention sharper with a strengthened memory.

Go for a walk

We’re extremely lucky to be so close to the beach and Hotham Park here at The_Track, so if we ever want to stretch our legs we’re never far from lush surroundings. Walking itself has benefits to not only our working lives, but other aspects too – so shake a leg, and get on down to the beach!

Stay hydrated

Are you getting your recommended dosage of H2O? It might not be summer anymore, but you should still be drinking around 2 litres a day – find out how much you should be drinking daily!

Do 10 minutes of yoga at lunch

Yoga is a super grounding, relaxing, and great activity to limber up those dormant sitting bones! Our Ellie is a yogi and yoga teacher – she has inspired both Georgia and Hope to practise yoga and meditation, keep an eye on her socials and website to see where you can find her for a gloriously zen session.

Take small regular breaks

As tempting as it is to keep on trucking on, our brains appreciate little breaks here and there to keep the cogs turning. Whilst we have a chunky break in the middle of the day, we should be taking them throughout the day too!

Listen to tunes

Silence can be deadly, but some people find it’s exactly what they need. However, music has proven to make us feel good AND be more productive, but you should do what works best for you – it’s not a one size fits all kind of scenario.

Work somewhere light and airy

We’re talking big windows that let in loads of light, aircon (or heating if you need it, but sometimes being too cosy can make you feel a bit drowsy), and the headspace to get your to-do list done and dusted for the day.

Break up your day with tasks you enjoy doing 

There’s nothing more annoying than a long stream of admin – admin days are necessary sometimes, but we do have a member that takes admin tasks off of your plate AND we have a member that helps you boss your social media too so you have time to get on with the important parts of your work.

Whether the creative bits are your bread and butter, or you’re more of a logical-minded person, make sure you have a bit of what you love during the day and it’ll leave you feeling less sluggish.

Sit up straight 

It might seem like a simple one, but I’ve been known to start sloping down my chair once I get to the late afternoon. Sitting up isn’t just about posture, but can also help more oxygen get to your brain too!

Remember to eat 

My brain gets hangry when I’m hungry and refuses to work until I have fed it. Water is important, but so is food – so make sure you are giving your brain the nutrients it needs to power through the day.

Have you got any other ways that you keep yourself on top form as we head into the colder months? Let us know!