Has The_Track got a Membership to suit me?

August 25 2022

At The_Track we like to think of ourselves as a one-size-fits-all kind of coworking hub. Each and every one of our members use the space differently, and in our opinion (blowing our own trumpet and all) that’s just one of the reasons what makes us so darn fab.

Who works from The_Track?

We have people who:

  • Work for companies that have an office further-afield (in most cases London) and want to boot the commute for 1-4 days out of the week
  • Are parents and need to escape the home office to create a work-life balance, so they can go back home and enjoy time spent with their families
  • Simply can’t get work done at home and need a separate space to feel motivated and to be around other people
  • Use us as a base to meet clients (who can blame them with our unlimited warm bevs and super-fast WiFi – and they don’t even have to answer the door to their guests, we’ve got that covered too!)
  • Primarily utilise our meeting rooms – they’re kitted out with a TV (perfect for meetings), air-con/heating and comfy swivel chairs
  • Come down for their holidays and use us for a week and then go back home (and repeat!)

What Memberships/Options are on offer?

Day Pass

Don’t want to commit to a membership for the moment? No problem!

  • £20 + VAT a month
  • Use our space for the day, no contract
  • Access to super-fast WiFi, coffee/tea-making facilities, and a kitted-out kitchen
  • Use our meeting rooms (incurs extra fees)
  • Our most flexible option
  • Equal to £20 a visit

Teams Membership

Ideal for enabling your team to work flexibly

  • Two free day passes included
  • Discounted access to meeting rooms
  • Access to our network of coworking spaces
  • Pay as you go, chargeable by the day
  • Roll over unused passes for up to 3 months
  • 3-month minimum term

Want more day passes with your Teams Membership? Save when you buy more!

10+ Passes = £19/visit | 25+ Passes = £18/visit | 50+ Passes = £17/visit | 100+ Passes = £16/visit

Lite Plan

Ideal for a change of scenery throughout your working week, without breaking the bank

  • £49 + VAT a month
  • Access to The_Track 1 day per week, up to 4 visits per month
  • All of the bells and whistles (kitchen, tea, coffee, WiFi, etc.)
  • Discount on meeting room bookings
  • Equal to £12.50 a visit

Complete Plan

Aka the boss of all memberships – this is the full package

  • £149 + VAT a month
  • Unlimited access during our opening times (8:30 am-5 pm *)
  • Discount on meeting room bookings
  • Equal to £7.50 a visit

From day passes to unlimited access, memberships are designed to be flexible, to adapt, and grow as your team does. If you ever have any questions regarding any of our memberships, or simply want to come in for a coffee and a nose, please do pop over to the contact us page where you can reach all three of us (Georgia, Ellie, and Hope) so we can make sure we get back to you ASAP!

* Access to the coworking space later than 5 pm is no problem whatsoever, and many, if not all, of our members, use the space beyond our closing time