November 13 2020

In business being able to think can help create opportunities, solve problems, reduce costs and make your sales and marketing more effective.

Being able to think more creatively has been described as like finding a gold mine in your back garden. Especially in business where creative thinking can help create opportunities, solve problems, reduce costs and make your sales and marketing more effective. In fact, there’s no area of business where thinking more creatively can’t be of real benefit.

But most people don’t think of themselves as being creative when in fact research tells us that creative thinking is a natural part of human intelligence. As Sir Ken Robinson, TED’s most viewed speaker said, “If you’re human, it comes with the kit”. What’s more creativity can be taught. Creative thinking isn’t a talent, it’s a technique, and one that’s based on some simple principles that anyone can learn.

This fascinating and stimulating webinar will actually show you how to be more creative and not just in business but in your life. It includes:

  • Understanding your creative brain and how it works
  • Creative thinking lessons from famous business leaders
  • Developing your creative brain and how to apply creative thinking to your business or career.
  • A series off fun mental exercises to wake up your dormant creative thinking muscles
  • Simple techniques for learning from all the creativity that surrounds every day
  • A five step process for having great ideas

This workshop will take place on 19th November at 6pm and will last around 60 minutes. To reserve your space or to find out more about other workshops The_Track are hosting click here Please have a few sheets of paper or a notebook and pen or pencil handy as this is an interactive workshop.

Bob Maddams, who together with Georgia Alston is one of the community managers at The_Track. Bob is a City & Guilds qualified business trainer who has taught at Hove College and been a guest workshop leader at the University of Sussex Business School. Prior to this Bob spent 20 years working in advertising, journalism and behaviour change communications, and he is the founder of Eureka, a creative communications and training consultancy.