Grow For It! w/ Isabella Cobby & Amanda Harkey

January 14 2022
Come and explore fresh ideas for setting goals and developing skills to improve success of your business!

About this event

Are you stuck on how to move forward in your business? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Join us for a fun and creative workshop which enables you to focus on your ideas, values and the ‘why?’ behind your business.


During the session we will look at your business goals and how you can identify the actions to get there. If you aren’t sure what your specific goals need to be, that’s fine too – we will look at where you values and ideas have come from and the reasons behind you do what you do. Come and have fun, find your voice, meet other people and clarify your targets for the future.


Crafting Business: After over 40 years of experience in the education and leadership industry Isabella and Amanda have come together develop ‘Crafting Business’ to help new and existing small business owners take charge of their own development and realise potential through the fun and the uplifting activity of creativity.